GTagHD is used to design ready-to-order, knock-in specific short oligonucleotides for cloning into the universal pGTag vector series for short homology-based gene targeting in zebrafish. The pGTag methodology has demonstrated highly efficient, precise integration in a diverse set of zebrafish genes.

MEDJED predicts the extent to which a site will undergo microhomology-mediated end joining repair, which can help you select sites for generating high-efficiency gene knockouts.

MENTHU can help you select "PreMA" (Predominant MMEJ Allele) sites likely to have 1-2 predominant microhomology-mediated end joining repair outcomes, leading to a more predictable gene knockout.

The Gene Sculpt Suite is a set of tools for assisting in highly precise genome editing and engineering.

Other Tools

Mojo Hand

Mojo Hand* is also available to assist in designing TALENs, CRISPRs, and Cas9 nickases.

*Mojo Hand is not 'officially' part of the Gene Sculpt Suite, but is developed by some of the labs involved with Gene Sculpt Suite. Please contact the Mojo Hand development team for questions related to Mojo Hand.