The Gene Sculpt Suite requires Javascript to be enabled in your browser.

The Gene Sculpt Suite has been tested and works properly in the following browsers:

Operating System (OS) OS Version Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Safari Opera Amazon Silk Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer
Windows 7 Chrome 71 Firefox 64 n/a Opera 57 n/a n/a incompatible*
Windows 10 Chrome 71 Firefox 63 n/a n/a
MacOS Sierra Chrome 71 Firefox 64 Safari 12 n/a n/a n/a
Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 Chrome 71 Firefox 64 n/a Opera 57 n/a n/a not tested
Fire OS

It is likely, but not guaranteed, that The Gene Sculpt Suite will work in earlier versions of these browsers as well.

*Internet Explorer 11 appears to work perfectly for all Gene Sculpt Suite tools EXCEPT GTagHD's GenBank input. We are unsure as to why this is the case, and recommend that you use a different browser when accessing The Gene Sculpt Suite. Or any other website.


If you experience problems, please make sure Javascript is enabled and you are using a compatible browser and version before doing any further troubleshooting.